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Hi, my name is Carl and I have been lucky enough to have travelled, lived, and worked in a number of different countries, and have stood in front of many beautiful vistas. I have witnessed the breathtaking beauty and delicacy of the natural world, and others that showcase man-made structures, exquisite in design and detail.

Originally from Chepstow in South Wales, I have moved around the globe as job opportunities presented themselves. As such, I have found myself living in Wales, England, Germany, United Arab Emirates and now Scotland (Orkney).

Home for me has always been wherever I find myself at any given time, but Orkney has allowed me to stop, reflect and find an inner sense of calm that I never had before. Some might call that growing up, something I promise never to do!


Since moving to Sanday in September 2018 to be with my partner Kieron and our four-legged companion Jake, I have discovered new hobbies and interests. Most of these take inspiration from my surroundings such as arts & crafts (especially paper craft), gardening, and DIY. Others are more community based and involve ensuring the heritage of the island is preserved for future generations.


I hope you enjoy the selection of art, crafts and gifts throughout the site, if you have any questions please drop me a message through the contact form.

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