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Home has always been wherever life takes me, but it is in Sanday that I've found the chance to pause, reflect, and experience a peace unlike any other. Life here with my husband Kieron, flows gently with the seasons, with the forever changing views outside our windows providing living picture frames from which to enjoy nature in all its glory.

I never saw myself as artistic—even drawing a simple stick figure was (sitill is) a struggle. While I've always enjoyed photography, my interest in other forms of creative expression expanded in 2020 as a way to keep myself (and my mind) occupied during the pandemic.

What started with a 3D printer soon led to paper cutting and layering, needle punching, needle felting, fabric art, and more recently lino printing. Exploring these different artistic outlets has provided me a focus and peace, with the whole process feeling almost meditative to me.

I draw inspiration from landscapes, animals, flowers, and history, but technology plays a crucial role in transforming my artistic visions into reality in ways that traditional pencil and paper cannot (recall my humble stick figure from above). A camera, laptop, creative software, plus various craft tools and machines help me produce unique and diverse pieces of artwork, each with their own distinct expression of colour, texture, and form.

I hope you enjoy the selection of artwork throughout the site, if you have any questions please drop me a message using the contact form.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank Caorunn Mitchell, a talented artist who also lives on Sanday, for creating the beautiful sketch of Galilee that is used on the homepage of the site. 

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