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The concept of home has always been wherever circumstances place me, yet it is within Sanday that I've uncovered the opportunity to pause, introspect, and discover a tranquillity I've never experienced before.

Life on Sanday has a gentle rhythm that ebbs and flows with the seasons, making colours and scenes come alive, forever transforming the views out of the window like layers unfolding.

Paper layering transforms a flat surface into a three-dimensional world, creating a sense of depth and dimension. As you cut, stack, and arrange the layers, a sense of magic unfolds, revealing hidden scenes, textures, and stories. I find the process itself almost meditative.

I never considered myself artistic, even drawing a basic stick figure posed a challenge. I have always dabbled in photography, and enjoy capturing a perfect moment in time, however my fascination with paper-based art emerged in 2020 as a means to occupy myself during the pandemic.


I find inspiration in things like nature, landscapes, animals, flowers, and history, but I use technology to make my artistic ideas come to life in ways I couldn't do with just a pencil and paper. My tools are a digital camera, laptop, creative software, and a boundless imagination.


I hope you enjoy the selection of art, crafts and gifts throughout the site, if you have any questions please drop me a message through the contact form.

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